Leaving for Camp (Nanowrimo)



Ah, in just eight hours, Camp Nanowrimo opens up its doors to me and my fellow writers. So what are my plans for April Camp Nano? I’m editing and adding onto a novel I previously started two summers ago. And go figure, it’s a Young Adult novel about a girl who goes to camp and falls for a guy a few years older than her.

I have to say, I’m excited about writing this year. I feel like I’m getting close to having something worth publishing (with the help of my two readers and editing husband). I admit, my grammar sucks but I love coming up with fictional characters and a new world.

I currently have 31k words on this novel and they goal is to hit 75-76k words before April is over. It would be nice if I could have it sent to a publisher before the summer is up, considering the title is ‘The Last July’ and it makes for a great teen summer read. We’ll see what happens!

I’m not excited about the after camp editing, but I am excited for adding in scenes and growing my characters.


edit cat

I’ll update every Friday about where I am in the process and some tips on how to survive Camp Nanowrimo. Time to rest my fingers for the next couple thousand words….

Have you ever participated?

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