Honesty is the best policy (I was banned from RedditGifts WTF?)

How embarrassing?

Yes, I’ve been banned from all Reddit gift exchanges because of a scamming giftee. You see, I have only had one good experience in reddit gifts and it was for the bookmark exchange last year. I also was paired with an awesome gifter for the book exchange last month (you can see the awesome books he got me here), but the person I was supposed to send to was a nightmare!


I figured I would send him an autographed copy of Goblin Wars along with a bunch of swag and a cute Jon Snow bookmark from an Etsy shop. Stu packaged the book and swag, got the tracking number and sent it via Media Mail. I tracked it all the way to the guys front porch (thanks USPS), I also gave the giftee the tracking number and gave proof of tracking to reddit like I always do. Well, my giftee claims he never received it. He went me pictures as ‘proof’ that he received an empty mailer. It’s obvious a book was in there from the crease in the envelope, and it had been opened (he said he opened it to see if the book was in there, you can feel a book, bud.) It’s obvious I’ve been scammed by someone saying I scammed him. Even if Reddit un-bans me, I doubt I’ll ever participate again because of this scammer that just wants to get a crap ton of free books.

The only reason I’m venting is because I hope he at least sent a gift to his giftee and that when he signed up to be rematched that he doesn’t scam the next person.

Please humans, be kind. Don’t scam people. Don’t troll the internet.



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