P.S. I Love Negan (TWD Season Finale Response)

So if you’re like me, you’re probably very upset with the creators of Walking Dead with that wonderful cliffhanger they gave us Sunday night. Come on guys, we all knew that they would have a huge cliff hanger, that’s what keeps you on your toes while on summer break from our favorite show. You know what I’m more ticked off about? That they labeled it a 90 minute season finale and I could swear that it was more of a 45 minute commercial. That and the fact that nothing actually happened, we met Negan… that’s all. Road block after commercial after road block after commercial– you get the point.

Negan. Are they giving us someone hotter to replace our love of Daryl? Am I the only one who found Negan attractive and charismatic?


I think this is because I know him from the chick flick, PS I Love You and Grey’s Anatomy. Walking Dead, come on, if I’m supposed to hate someone you need to step up your game.

Here’s my thought: To an outside group, Rick probably seems just as threatening and barbaric as the Saviors/Negan. Rick has turned into this ‘take no prisoners’ personality and the only other character who seems to notice and have a problem with it is Morgan the Saint. Though, if they get the chance, they do need to slaughter Negan and his gang. So I’m pretty much saying the Walking Dead world is lost of all innocence, only evil exists now, it’s kill or be killed. Rick’s group is pretty much as aggressive as everyone else, we just take their side because we’ve known them longer.

Now to the spoiler that everyone has been discussing. Who did Negan murder with that badass baseball bat they day before Opening Day (Go Reds!)? I am not caught up on the comics due to how pricy they are. I’m getting ready to start book five.


Everyone is saying that Glenn is the one to die. We know they won’t show us when the next season starts until the very last scene, they want us to ‘feel’ the death linger. Remember when the producers thought it was cute to take the actors name off of the opening credits and they stuffed Glenn under that dumpster for three-ish episodes. That was cute… not. I don’t think it’s Glenn, even though he dies in the comics, so much has changed from the comics. I also don’t think it’s Maggie, I’m pretty sure that was her screaming when we hear the baseball bat smashing some fresh brains.

Here’s my top three potential victims:

  1. Michonne- I love her, but they’ve been doing a lot lately to make us like her. Pairing her up with Rick (we know all his love interests die), making her into a mom/friend for Carl, and seeing the back story of her life before the outbreak.
  2. Abraham- I would say Sasha or Rosita but their deaths wouldn’t effect too many people. Rosita isn’t a defined character in my opinion and Sasha hasn’t been too involved in recent episodes. Abraham though… he’s one of the strongest fighters Alexandria has right now. I’ll be honest, I’d be slightly upset if he dies.
  3. Glenn- maybe it is him! Maybe the producers know that we think that’s the obvious choice but think that they won’t kill him off because of that. It could happen!

For now though, I can’t wait for October (my favorite month). I’m excited to see what happens but there’s no way this death will be as memorable as Beth’s last season. That scene still lingers in my head.

Here’s something drool worthy to stare at until next time….




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