My Reading Spot

If you’re like me, you can’t read just anywhere. I’ve tried to read in many places, my couch, my bed, outside on a nice day, on a long car ride, etc. I can never relax and concentrate enough to read in these places, there’s always a distraction. So where is the one place that I can shut the rest of the world out and just read?


This is it. I don’t even know how old this chair is but my husband brought it with him when we moved in together. I have a weird love for this chair, when my husband and I were just dating, I’d take naps in this chair while he played Hearthstone, I’d write on my laptop while he typed his novels on his desktop and I would relax after a long day in this chair. It’s leather, so in the winter I have to bundle up in blankets and PJ pants but in the summer, it’s coolness is glorious.

This is my chair. This is my happy place. My reading spot.

As you can see, sometimes my cats think it’s cute to hop in my lap and get some cuddling action. They don’t bother me too much (I don’t think they like the leather, they prefer the couch), but sometimes I have to ditch my reading spot and lock myself in my room to get through a book.

My dream is to create a room filled with books and put this chair in it. Sadly, it’s too large and heavy to fit down the stairs to our current makeshift library.

Where do you prefer to read?

***Pictured above, me with Ichabod Crane the cat. She’s pretty good about just chilling in my lap and not getting in the way. Boogie man (our other cat), however, isn’t so good at giving me space.***


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