Discussion: Hardcover VS Paperback

Welcome back to another weekend discussion post! I’m so glad you’ve stuck around! If this is my first post that you’re reading, welcome! Follow me for book reviews, book tags and other fun discussions!

This weekend, I want to talk about hardcover versus paperback books. We’ve already discussed e-books vs hardcopies so now I’d like us to look into hardback and paperback. Everyone has his or her preference in what type of book they have. Some people refuse to buy paperback books, while others will wait for a recently released book to come out in paperback.

Me personally, I don’t really care but I do have my preferences. My big issue is having part of a series in paperback and the rest in hardback. Some readers like this because it shows when they caught up in a series. I’m not too fond of that. A current example of this would be my Raven Cycle. I have the first two in paperback and the last two in hardback. They look so goofy on my shelf together! There’s no turning back on those though, considering all four are signed. I don’t want to give up any signed books!


Hardback Books


  • They get less damaged, you can take off the dust jacket and pretty much never hurt your book while reading!
  • They look amazing on a bookshelf!
  • Art for your eyes, wait, that’s just art…
  • When you take of the dust jacket, it’s fun to see what the actual book looks like.


  • They’re a bit pricy sometimes.
  • Take up more room than a paperback
  • Heavier, if you’re like me and you carry a book on you at all times, hardbacks weigh a decent bit more than paperbacks.
  • Your bookshelf takes a beating from the weight of hardback books (if yours are cheap like mine, they start to buckle under the weight).

Paperback Books


  • Easier to carry around, since they’re smaller, they weigh less in your bag.
  • Cheaper if you’re on a budget.
  • I personally worry less about lending out paperbacks. I hate lending out hardback books because I feel like they are a bigger investment.
  • You can carry two or three books in your bag and not feel like you’re carrying around a brick.


  • They can get damaged easier, the cover corns get bent, they never go back to the original feel (as in the spine is easier to bend).


What about you? Would you add anything onto my list? These are just the things I like and dislike about both forms. I’d say my books are spit evenly in hardback and paperback.

6 thoughts on “Discussion: Hardcover VS Paperback

  1. It really is a hard decision and my opinion keeps changing. As a kid I loved paperbacks, then I suddenly wanted only hardcovers and now I love both. And I pretty much agree with you, hardcovers are SO PRETTY and I love taking off the dust jacket, but paperbacks are way more practical to take with you whereever, so I’ll probably continue buying both!

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    1. I probably will continue buying both too! I like getting my YA contemporaries in hardback no matter what though and I’m not sure why!

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  2. Hardbacks are definitely very aesthetically pleasing and look great on shelves, but I prefer paperbacks. Hardbacks in Australia are rare to come by and unless they’re on sale they’re normally $26AUD on Book Depository or $30+ in stores. My hands are also really small and I have a really hard time trying to hold them 😅

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  3. I do prefer paperbacks than hardbounds. Why? Because hardbounds are bulky and dust sicks easier at them. Hahaha.

    I love paperbacks because of many reasons. One is because paperbacks are cheap. Paperbacks are more convinient than hardbounds and they take up smaller space. 😊


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