NaNoWriMo (Now’s the Hard Part)



Guys, I did it, with only a few hours to spare. Yet, my novel isn’t finished. I still have 24,961 words to go to hit my real word count, and for the first time, I think I’m going to finish a full novel. My problem before was I tried to fit so much into the 50K word count, I thought that quantity was better than quality. That’s changing with this novel.



This is the second (actually third) time I’ve tried writing this novel. The first time was for NaNoWriMo, that year I did not finish it, and then I tried finishing/editing it for a few Camp Nano’s. My goal is to reach 75k before the year is up, that’s half of NaNo in a month. I might be in over my head since I’m feeling a bit burnt out on typing.

I’d like to edit it once by myself, a full read through, in January and then give it to my husband for grammar editing (I suck with dialogue structure). Then I’d like to get some beta readers that love YA novels. I’ll let you know when that time comes.



So what IS The Last July? My novel is a ‘coming of age’ YA contemporary romance novel (possibly New Adult since my character is heading to college). It’s about Penelope who is working at her childhood summer camp, in the hopes of getting hired for next summer. She’s going through some problems with her parents, her co-counselor Viv and a possible love triangle (my favorite troupe), but instead of so much romance and drama, I wanted this novel to be about a girl trying to find her way.

It’s set at Camp Arthur (a fictional camp) in Tennessee (a real place believe it or not haha) along the hills of The Smoky Mountains. We see Penelope’s life along one summer and eventually flash forward to October (my favorite month). I’m going to work on a better synopsis when it comes time to get some beta readers. I’m still working through some of the plot, so nothing is set in stone.

I’d love to have this finished as soon as possible so I can get a summer release.

In the mean time, I’ll be posting on here every Friday but I’m going to start expanding what I post about in order to keep my moral up. Less cheesy book tags, more ‘quality’ content maybe. All I know is, right now I need a few days off writing! I just busted a novel out in a month guys (well, part of a novel)!




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