When a Mysterious Package Arrives…



One December night, I came home to find a package sitting on my desk. All my Christmas orders had already arrived, I had no clue what could be in the box. Especially from New York. Part of me was very excited, thinking I had a secret Santa and it was going to be really cool. However, my excitement turned into dread when I opened the box, only to find another box. I found it strange that someone knew my address and my maiden name.



Ah, but there was a letter! And it was signed by a Tom. This brought my excitement back because I have a really awesome friend named Tom, but why was he gifting me something? We see each other once a year, and I hadn’t received a gift from him since I was a kid.

As I started reading the letter, I knew this wasn’t my friend. The letter brought thisĀ terrified feeling over me, I could only make out some of the words (as it was in sloppy cursive). I didn’t want to open the box after what I read. I mean, would you open the box after reading this?


The Letter Reads:

“Dear Breanna I do not know you but when the storm tells me that you must know– that you must be warned– I do as I am told. I was given your name. It took me a long time to find you. My duty is done and I can turn aside the memories of that terrible woman. I am relieving myself of this great burden and for that alone I must thank you. I do not envy you having to pick it up. I have looked into the darkness of this poor boy and brought the lightening and the flame. It is all I could do and I hope it is enough. Fate has its reasons for you to hear this story. Perhaps this story wants to stay alive and must be heard. Perhaps she is coming for you next or perhaps it is just the wind. Do with this tale as you will. It is at an end for me. Tom”

I was very tempted to just throw the box away. Or just never open it. I thought it was a prank, maybe a dead spider or snake inside. Or that it was really demonic like this Tom made it out to seem. My husband demanded that I open the box, but I wouldn’t. I didn’t know what was in the box!




As my husband pried the box open with a hammer (it was literally nailed shut), I did some research. Looking up ‘mystery inco box’, I couldn’t find too much. My husband sat the box back in my lap and I kept pushing it away, still not wanting to open it all the way.

Inside, we found some old newspapers, a journal and a missing person’s poster.



The journal was in great detail, a burn mark on the cover, bent to fit in the box and tons of little snippets between the pages. The journal belongs to the boy on the poster and it starts out talking about how his dog had to be put down and then the boy goes on a trip to London where weird things start to happen…

I didn’t want to read on…

…but I did…








***There will not be an update on this blog but know that I’ve shown this box to many of my friends and family and they were all equally horrified. I did some research and figured out that this is one of those ‘subscription’ boxes, so it’s nothing to worry about. I did find out who sent the box…***



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