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Southern Rebirth Cover Reveal

Guys! Great news! I have a cover reveal for my new novel!





I’m so excited for this one! It will be the first in the series, I’m currently writing the second one, they will be focused on different characters in the novel.

The ebook is currently up for pre-order on Amazon here for 3.99 currently. Its release date is May 24th, just in time for Memorial weekend at the lake! I’m really excited about this and I hope you enjoy!

About Southern Rebirth:

A little fooling around in the backseat of a car has landed Lexi Fernbrook in a summer of solitude, exiled to a quiet house, a job on Norris Lake, and no contact with her friends.

Then Duncan comes along.

Lexi’s decided to ban dating as she gets her life back on track, but Duncan might just be the perfect guy to get her through the summer. When Duncan’s band, Southern Rebirth, hires her for some show photography, how could she resist?

We the Kings 10 (Concert Review)


A blog post and it’s not even Friday?! Surprise! I just thought I might give a little review of my experience at Saturday’s We the Kings concert. As some of you may know, this is their ten year anniversary, so they played every song from their first album and then some more!

Sound check was running a bit late when we got there, so doors were behind by a little bit. Luckily, it was a decently warm winter day in Cincinnati (about 40 degrees that night, yes, that’s warm), so we didn’t mind waiting. When inside, I actually passed by Charles Trippy (bass player, YouTuber) in the hall and about lost my mind. I didn’t stop to bother him though, he looked like he was in a rush but he did have a smile on his face and said hello to everyone.

The concert was in the basement of the theatre and it was really cool, but it ended up getting way too hot in there with a sold out show.




Astro Lasso

First on stage was the new band Astra Lasso from PA, this was only their second show ever and I think they did amazing for not performing much before this. The band consisted of two guys, think Matt and Kim. They were probably the better/more memorable opener of the night, great stage presence and did a cover of Ed Sheeran which got the crowd going. If you sign up for their news letter, you can even get a free song download from them!

Plaid Brixx

This band didn’t impress me as much as the first. I honestly forgot their name the second they said it. The lead singer needs to work on his stage presence a bit, he was doing all these weird moves over and over again. They did have a heavier sound than the other bands, which I liked, but wasn’t crazy about them. I did like that the whole band looked like they were enjoying themselves, they were pretty much smiling the entire time they were on stage.

Cute is What We Aim For

I didn’t know that they were still around! This band brought me back to my early emo phase from high school, and I loved seeing them live. Shaant, the lead singer, was hilarious and amazing on stage. I even got to take a selfie with him after the concert. He was super nice. They announced that they’ll try to get some new music out soon, which will be amazing. Can’t wait!

We the Kings

Alas, We the Kings! As I said before, they played every single song on the first album and then some. My favorite was Just Keep Breathing, I really needed that after the day I had. The whole venue was up and moving, I seriously thought my heart was going to come out of my chest from all the excitement! At one point, I got hit in the face… by a guitar pick! I didn’t have time to see if it was Hunter’s, Travis’s or Charles’, I just shoved it into my pocket! Once we left the venue, I saw that it was indeed a bass pick from Charles! This made my night! I was so thrilled to get it.




This concert reminded me why I love going to see my favorite bands. It took my mind off of the tragedy/loss of one of my best friends last week and made me feel happy for the first time in a long time. I can’t wait to see Mayday Parade in April!



Maria Brink & the Blood Girls

Is the title of this post a bit harsh? Maybe just a little. For a few years now, I’ve loved a band called In This Moment, I loved them mainly because their lead singer is a kickass female. I’ve looked up to Maria Brink because of her kindness, beauty and thick-skin when it comes to the backlash she gets from other metal heads regarding her femininity. She’s even wrote a few songs about it (Sex Metal Barbie, sticks out the most).in-this-moment-80

I’ve seen them live twice now though, and I’m not impressed. Many complained about Maria Brink’s stage presence from the beginning. I thought it was a bunch of talk, so I had to see for myself. The first time I was supposed to see her, she had to cancel her performance because of illness (no biggie, everyone gets sick). She rescheduled and when she came back I was so excited!

The excitement went away after 3 or 4 songs.

Why you ask? Costumes changes, back up dancers, and pushing the band behind curtains pretty much. Maria Brink has an amazing voice, whether on album or live but things need to change. She did a costume change after every song, which was cool because the outfits were amazing and matched the music videos, but that took away from the concert vibe. Instead of changing every time, we could have had about three more songs. Her back up dancers, aka, the blood girls, also had to change after every song and it can’t be easy getting in and out of those tight costumes. I don’t even understand why she has the blood girls outside of her music videos, they aren’t in the band! They literally take up space that can be used for the rest of the band. My first time seeing ITM, I couldn’t even see the band because they were hidden behind props.

I thought for sure that Maria Brink would redeem herself the second time around during the Rob Zombie ‘Return of the Dreads’ Tour. Everyone around me was excited, and walking about how this was their first time seeing her, not the band, her… Maria Brink.

Still, she still changed after every song, she still had the blood girls. The only thing that changed was the band was able to actually move around and rock out. I only give the venue credit for that because it was a larger stage.ITM%20SMB%20Band%20Approved

I hate that Maria Brink thinks she needs to oversexualize herself with the blood girls and her costumes. She’s a badass metal babe, we get it. I hate that any girl in a metal band has to dress skimpy in order to be accepted (ex. Butcher Babies, I love them though. They got so much bigger, they don’t need to go topless to get a crowd now).

I’m just so tired of everyone literally putting Brink on a pedestal and not realizing the talent of the rest of the band. You know things aren’t going well with a band when a member leaves due to “creative and artistic unhappiness.”

I honestly don’t see this band as a whole existing for too much longer, not because they aren’t good, but because the band as a whole seems to not be important. I’m waiting to hear that Brink is finally ready to go solo with the blood girls.