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The Five Stages of Grief (After Finishing a Novel)

We’ve all been there, you just finished yet another amazing book and you just ‘can’t even’ right now! What’s left to do but crawl into your bed and become a sad burrito as you ponder on what to read next or why we read through the last book so quickly? Here’s your five stages of book grief.



So you hammered through that novel and now you’re sitting there shaking your head because you don’t know what to do. You can’t even think about hopping on Goodreads and reviewing the book because you feel so incomplete. Whether it was an unexpected ending, the death of a character or your favorite couple in-shipping, you’re in major denial!





Now you’re pissed! You’ve given yourself time to think about it but it’s still not adding up. None of it makes sense at all! Why the hell would the author end the book like that!? That’s not a resolution! She/he better make a sequel! This is a stand alone? Hell no! I will not accept that!




You would literally settle for anything else from this author. Remember when we wanted more Twilight and Stephanie Meyer was writing the Edward version of Twilight but then stopped because it was ‘leaked’, yeah, I bet you jumped on fanfiction just like me looking to sooth your soul because you were addicted to that Fandom. Hey, everything worked out in the end though, right? We got Life and Death…

No, Stephanie Meyer! That’s not what we wanted! We’ll do anything to see what happens with Rennesme!




So there’s not going to be a sequel. You rushed through this book like there’s no tomorrow and now you have a book hangover and you don’t think you’ll ever love a book more than the masterpiece you just completed in record time. Load up into that sad burrito again, but this time, grab a pint of ice cream, you’re going to need it.




You finally get the strength to pull yourself out of bed and go to the bookstore (or an online website) and realize there are so many more books out in the sea. If you’re like me, in a year you’ll completely forget the plot to the book and be able to reread it! Book life goes on!