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Young Adult Book Shaming

When I was in college, I found the wonderful genre that we know as young adult. I couldn’t believe that there was something between children’s books and adult reading that fit what I wanted to read. At first, I was really embarrassed about reading books that are targeted to girls (and guys sometimes) under the age of 18. I mean, I was in my late teens/early twenties (I’m almost 26 right now) and a lot of my classmates were reading Shakespeare and other classics. I felt like a naive child because I couldn’t get into the great works of literature.

It was about two or three years ago when I stopped being embarrassed about reading books that weren’t for my age group. When I started watching BookTubers who were all gushing over my favorite books, that’s when my mind started changing about what I read. I began to realize it doesn’t really matter, as  long as I’m reading and enjoying what I’m reading.

Finally coming to this realization has made me actually want to start reading some classics in between my YA books. I’m currently reading Peter Pan and loving it! I’m never again going to force myself to read something I don’t enjoy. Have you had this problem? Where someone asks you what you’re reading and you cover the cover or make up a book title?

Here’s some of my favorite YA books (that I’ve read) that might make you feel better about reading YA:

Here’s what matters most, you should never judge someone by what they read. In college I had someone literally scoff at me because I told them my favorite book was Twilight. They claimed that it wasn’t a ‘real’ book and that Game of Thrones was way better. This caused me to never have the urge or want to read or watch GoT. If you like reading high fantasy, read it. If you like reading erotica, read it. If you like reading children’s books, read them.

Stop book shaming.




Discussion: Why I Love my English Major

Awhile back I did a post called Why I Hate my English Major, so I thought I’d now do my post on why I actually like my English degree. You can find the previous post here. With some people graduating high school, and heading into college this August, I thought this would be a decent post.

Reason #1 for why I love my English major:

I actually do use it in real life. Every day when I speak, I use it. Every time I open a book, I use it. Every time I’m working (even though I’m not a teacher), I use it. Every time I work on my novel, I use it. Yes, I’m not teaching English, translating, or working at a library, I still do use my major. I mean, I started a book blog! I’m typing to you right now!


Reason #2 for why I love my English major:

I can do this blog and justify it as I’m just using my degree. Every time I read, I can say that I’m doing my ‘job’/what I went to school for.Oh, I want to buy another book? Well look at me using my degree! Haha.


Reason #3 for why I love my English major:

I enjoy it. I did exactly what people told me to do. “Major in something you love.” I get to daydream about things I want to write, read and travel to places that I want to see. While most people go home after work because their job is complete, I never stop, I get to go home read, blog about my thoughts on the book or what I’m writing. I love my ‘night time job’.


So, this list is short, but hey! Who cares? If you’re thinking about going into an English major, do it as long as it’s what you love. But I also recommend that you minor or double major in something else that will get you a better paying job. Those school loans aren’t going to pay themselves!


Overall, my relationship with my English major is a love-hate type. Part of me wishes I never went to school because I’m in a job where only a high school degree is required and I don’t plan on switching jobs, but the other part of me appreciates every writing skill I acquired from a few professors. Mainly my novel/creative writing professor that I had almost every semester.

Sorry for such a short post, but it’s been a very busy weekend! I’ll be sure to put more thought and time into next weekends discussion post.




Why I Hate my English Major


If you’re like me, you had no idea what you wanted to do once you left high school, you just knew you wanted to go to college because that’s what ‘everyone does’.

Just because everyone’s jumping off a bridge, doesn’t mean you jump too.

Ah, but going to college is what everyone expects you to do, especially if you want to get out of your home town. The way I saw it in my home town, you had two options.

  1. Go to college
  2. Stay in the town and marry your high school sweet heart/ have a baby

I mean this in the nicest way, I went to school with some great people but staying in that town wasn’t going to help me. Most of the kids I went to school with were farmers sons and daughters, they worked on the farm their whole life and they were going to work their for the rest of their lives. Sometimes I wonder when it would have been like if I had taken that path instead, there is something charming about a mid-west farm town.

There were also a few teachers in middle school/high school that told my parents that I would never amount to anything and I wasn’t intelligent enough for college. I was tossed in ‘slow reading’ classes and yet I read two grade levels above where I was supposed to be. I even tested out of most of those classes but I told them I wanted to stay (easy A and I was already pissed about wasting three weeks in the class).

So college was basically my way of ‘sticking it to the man’.

They tell you once you’re in college, to study something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. And that, my friends, is exactly what happens when you study something you enjoy. I’m turning 26 and still working at the same place as I was when I was in college.

I didn’t know what I wanted to major in, so I just went with something I enjoy. I liked reading, I liked writing. Boom! An English major was born!


Don’t get me wrong! I love my English major (check back next week for a post on Why I Love my English Major) but there are a few things I hate hearing about it. Here are a few things that get said to me regarding my degree that I absolutely hate being asked/told.

  • Do you want to be a teacher?
  • So what do you do with that?
  • I guess you never use that in real life then?
  • There’s a spelling/grammatical error in your post, I thought you majored in English.
  • So have you published a book yet?

The last thing I wanted to do with my English major was become a teacher. I love kids, but at a certain age, I start to be terrified of them.

I do use my English degree. I work in an office where I have to type everyday and speak clearly, I get asked how to spell things all the time at work. I may not be an English teacher or write for an actual living, but I do use things I learned while in college. I also started this blog that I’m really enjoying… so there’s that.

And guess what, everyone makes mistakes. So what? I spelled something wrong? Who cares, just you Grammar Nazi.

As for book publishing. I’m trying my hardest. My dream would be to become a full-time author. Sitting at home, writing all day, it sounds perfect but it takes time. I’m currently editing something I started two years ago. Goal is to have it completed before the year is up.

If you’re thinking about majoring in English, don’t let anyone let you feel like it’s the dumb thing to do. I don’t regret my major at all, I just hate the stupid things people assume about it. Knowing every classic book might not be as beneficial as anything you would learn as a mathematics major but it’s still a fun thing to brag about, right?

Come back next week to see why I love my English major!