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Walking Dead Day 8.6.16

Cynthiana, KY–

In the quiet, small town of Cynthiana, populated by less than 7000 people, you wouldn’t imagine much coming out of this little Kentucky town. On August 6th though, something changed. Over 10,000 people took to the small town, closing down streets, waiting in long lines, and lingering around. But why? Walking Dead Day of course!

I live a decent bit close to where Tony Moore and Robert Kirkman (creators of Walking Dead) grew up and where the comics actually begin before Rick heads to Atlanta. I’m actually from another small town that is shortly mentioned on page one of the very first 13902610_1066931810010076_4902721888302963701_nWalking Dead comic. Walking Dead day was a one day, free event and it had such a good response that they printed out 10,000 special Cynthiana editions of the first comic to give out for free. The event included a sign presentation for Kirkman and Moore, tours of the town, the free comic giveway, tons of vendors, signings and photo ops with Moore and Kirkman, a haunted house, costume contest,  tons of vendors and more.

It was pretty much like a comic con strictly for Walking Dead fans or even just Halloween a few months early, which is perfect! My husband and I got there super early (or so we thought), it was pretty much a ghost town. It even looked like a zombie horde had walked through the night before.


The volunteers did a great job of making the town look post-apocalyptic. However, I think it was a bit cheesy naming the roads after places in the comic/show, and that also made it hard to get around using the map.

Remember when I told you we thought we got there early? We arrived about 8, ready to geIMG_5030t in line for the comic to be handed out at 10am. Since we didn’t see anyone when we first stepped foot in the event area, we assumed the line hadn’t began. We were wrong, there were already people lined up for about two miles. We did get the limited edition comic though! Sadly, we didn’t stay to get it signed because that line was even longer and we had somewhere to be that night.

All in all, it was a really cool event that could only get bigger if they continue doing it every year. My only big complaint was I think the signings should have either started earlier or should have been done by ticket, not first come first serve. It caused a ton of confusion on who was lined up for what.

I did end up coming home with a really cool shirt though!