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Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn Book Review


I was so excited to read this book all because of the cover, remember when your librarian told you, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Well I did, and my hopes of entertainment were shattered. This book had one major thing wrong with it, punishment for child pornography. Everyone knows that if you distribute or view a picture or video with someone under 18, that you’ll be charged with child pornography, but clearly not the kids in this book.


Mercedes is just your normal high school girl that has a mom who’s never around, a friend who is completely oblivious and a boy who loves her, except she also has a big secret. She helps the virgins of the school through their first time so they can give their girlfriends good first times. (Why did I think this was going to be a good book?)

This book is filled with too much unnecessary drama and teen angst.


When Charlie starts sending the video of Mercedes with one of the other guys around, Mercedes should have immediately called the cops (are there no cops in this town?) she didn’t know she was being filmed so she would have been off the hook. Charlie, however, would have been in deep trouble, along with everyone at the school that watched the sex tape. THIS KILLED THE BOOK FOR ME!

I gave this book 2 stars on good reads for this reason. Check out my video rant for more.

So here’s the wonderful rubric break down:


Characters/ships 5

Plot twists 2

Un-put-down-able 3

Re-Read Worthy 1


Representation 1

Likeability 2 (only because I loved Zach)

Development 3


Predictability  1

Complexity 1

Conclusion 2

Reality 3



World Building 4

Language/Word Choice 3

Voice/ Style 3

Quotable 1

Themes/ Content

Complexity 1

Execution 1

Meaningful 1

Unproblematic 1

Total: 40/100


Though I gave this book a very low grade, I will give the author another chance if she publishes again. This book would have been way better if Charlie hadn’t been such an awful human being and if Mercedes read up on law instead of all the online gossip about her.




Let’s get serious (What I’ve Been Doing, Book-wise)

I just realized I started this blog in 2015 but I haven’t posted since. I’m going to start connecting more often throughout my YouTube, Goodreads and this blog, it’s all about making connections right?

So what have I been up to involving books? I got married about five months ago on Halloween, our wedding was everything I wished for with only a few mishaps (our photographer went to the wrong church, and I only had one bite of my cake!) Why am I bringing our wedding up on a book blog? Because our flowers were made out of books, duh! How could two book lovers not have something book themed in their Halloween wedding? You can find the person who did our flowers on Etsy. The flowers were from old fairy tale books, I even had the store owner make us a Christmas ornament too, we had some gears, keys and a skull on my bouquet also!

I’ve also been trying to post videos on my YouTube channel more often. I’m up to 25 subscribers, and almost 14K video views. I try to post once a week, but recently decided I’m going to post whenever I feel like it until I hit 100 subscribers. I work a full time desk job, so I haven’t been able to read as often as I could last year. I find tag videos (even though I haven’t been tagged) and do the ones that match my personality. I’m hoping to hit 100 subscribers before the end of the year. I’m pretty much doing my BookTube channel for me alone, it feels like I’ve accomplished something every time I finish a book and post a video review. Go subscribe! Breanna Reads-Berks

Stu (my husband) has been pushing me to start editing one of my books. I chose to continue working on The Last July,¬†which is a young/new adult book about a summer camp romance that can never be because the camper falls in love with a camp counselor. I currently have 31k down and am shooting for 75k. I’ll be participating in Camp Nanowrimo this April, so if anyone wants to do some word sprints, let me know!

And finally, the other thing I’ve gotten involved with is expanding my Goodreads account. I became a moderator for the group, Baby, You’re So Classic. We read a different classic book every two months and then discuss it. Currently we’re reading Pride and Prejudice.¬†I hated being forced to read classics in college, so I’m hoping to expand my reading list in this group.

Here’s the books I’m currently reading or getting ready to begin!


Until next time friends!!

Oh, and this happened. Do you get it?

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