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Book Review: Consent by Nancy Ohlin

Another great example of a book that could have been fantastic but fell short. Very short.

The premise of this book sounded fantastic. I love a good forbidden love book. Sadly, this book seemed very illogical. Our two main characters, Beatrice and Dane, are far from well rounded characters. Bea has some secrets, one of them being that she’s always wanted to 51MsVSsZ6BL__SX329_BO1,204,203,200_become a famous pianist, oh and the other one, she has a crush on her high school music teacher. Mr. Dane Rossi pushes Bea to become the person she was always meant to be, but afraid to become fearing that it might upset her dad who became a widow when she was born.

On a trip to New York where Bea wants to attend Julliard, Dane and Bea find the line they’re forbidden to cross.

What happens when laws are secretly broken and then come out to ruin lives?

I would compare this book to Fifty Shades of Grey minus all of the bondage. I say this in the sense that Dane kind of reminds me of Christian Grey, he’s rich, charming and has this power that he holds. A lot of people claim that this book is romanticizing teacher/student relationships but honestly, I found nothing romantic about this book. Bea and Dane just seem like two boring people, I didn’t even find Dane to have any teacher characteristics. Why would Dane like this girl and why would he like her? Yes, they have piano in common but that’s all. Nothing in this book made any sense at all.

I was very disappointed in this book. I’ve read more logical teacher/student relationship books. I wouldn’t recommend this one. The writing needs work and the characters need to be better developed. The most developed character was Bea’s friend Plum and Plum’s dad and they aren’t even main characters.

By the end of this book, I was just sitting there like…


I’ll give this book two stars only because I feel like the plot could have been really interesting but the author failed to give us enough. The story should have been longer in order to be more complete and less random. I read this book because I’m currently writing a forbidden summer romance for Camp Nano, and I’ll be honest, this book did give me some ideas on what I don’t want my novel to be.