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Surviving my first book signing…


On December 2nd, I did my very first book signing. I’ve gone along with my husband to various signings and comic-cons, but this was the first time my book would be on the table to purchase.

Now, let me tell you, I was nervous. I was shaking like crazy on the way to the venue and I get this weird voice when I’m going to have to talk to strangers in person, where I sound like I’m going to burst into tears. I’m fairly sure I have a mild case of anxiety that I haven’t been able to shake since middle school, but I refuse to admit it sometimes.

My husband was running late, so it was up to me to get everything ready to go, I’m used to following his lead when we go to shows like this.

When I got to the venue though and set the table up, I felt a lot better. It wasn’t too crowded so there weren’t many people I could make a full of myself in front of. It’s a lot different when you’re trying to sell your own book, versus someone else’s. I was honestly surprised about how confident I was talking to people, the pride I felt for accomplishing something I’ve always wanted to do. But… I did have some trouble finding the words I wanted to say when someone asked me a question. I’m not a good BS’er or salesperson, I’ll admit that right now. I don’t know what to say to convince someone that they must read my book, but honestly, that doesn’t bother me.

I’m not writing for money or fame. Even if only a handful of strangers love my novels and writing style, I’d say I was successful. I write because it’s my passion, I want to write the perfect book boyfriend that you’re going to fall in love with and beg me for a sequel.

I didn’t sell out at the signing, but my husband and I managed to make back what we paid for the booth and then some. If anything, it was a great learning experience and I found some stuff I want to work on for the next signing. I totally need to improve on my selling pitch and get my next novel out ASAP. It was still fun. I had my very first in person sale to someone who wasn’t a friend or family member! Can’t wait to sign up to do some more next year!

If you want to stay up to date on signings and specials, follow my FB author page.



June Wrap Up, July TBR & July Camp NaNoWriMo Prep!

June Wrap Up



Mann Cakes by Mysti Parker– 4/5 stars. Great beachy summer romance from a local (to me) author. The only thing that I wish was different was that the only POV’s be between Tanner and Paige, instead of all four characters.

Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry– 4/5 stars. I think I ended up liking the second book in this series better than the first book, but they’re still not hitting a perfect score with me. However, I felt more compassion throughout the book for Razor and Breanna, more than I had for Oz and Emily from the first Thunder Road book.

Long Way Home by Katie McGarry– Probably my favorite book out of this series. I feel like all the other books have set us up for Violet and Chevy’s story! Review to come!

I also just realized every book I read in June (and finished) was set in Kentucky! How cool is that? 



July TBR

July is not going to be a reading month for me since NaNo will be going on, but I am going to try and finish one book that I started in June and read a few chapters from a book I recently purchased.

I’ve been reading chapters here and there on Letters to my Daughters, it’s one of those feel good, faith books. I’ve been trying my best to read up more on my bible and books like LtmD:TAoBaW, it’s just a book that I’m making a habit of pulling out before bed to read and relax.

Once and For All, Sarah Dessen’s latest release, just came out a few weeks ago and I thought this would be a good book to focus on in July during camp NaNo. You’re supposed to read how you want to write, right? I’d love to be as successful of a writer as Dessen. Here’s to hoping.

And I’ll also be reading a romance novel, just to take a break from CAMP and all the other marriage/wedding stuff haha. Sometimes it’s nice to read something sexy! I’ll be at the lake for a weekend, so the romance will be a fun breather.




Camp NaNoWriMo Prep

July Session


Back in April, I started writing a new summer contemporary YA novel. Since then, I’ve been editing here and there trying to prepare for July’s session of camp. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I struggled the final week of camp in April, especially that final day and I only have a goal of 40k. I’m hoping this month goes a bit smoother, with a goal of 30k. I have a pretty good feeling about this one now, better than anything I’ve written before.

During edits this June, I haven’t had to scrap too much, just the last couple thousand words because they didn’t even fit with the plot. I was just writing to hit the word goal that last day in April. Probably the worst writing month I’ve ever had.

I’m excited for this coming camp NaNo though. I have a great cabin (some people from April’s session and my husband), so I should be pushed to finish. Wish me luck!



Walking Dead Day 8.6.16

Cynthiana, KY–

In the quiet, small town of Cynthiana, populated by less than 7000 people, you wouldn’t imagine much coming out of this little Kentucky town. On August 6th though, something changed. Over 10,000 people took to the small town, closing down streets, waiting in long lines, and lingering around. But why? Walking Dead Day of course!

I live a decent bit close to where Tony Moore and Robert Kirkman (creators of Walking Dead) grew up and where the comics actually begin before Rick heads to Atlanta. I’m actually from another small town that is shortly mentioned on page one of the very first 13902610_1066931810010076_4902721888302963701_nWalking Dead comic. Walking Dead day was a one day, free event and it had such a good response that they printed out 10,000 special Cynthiana editions of the first comic to give out for free. The event included a sign presentation for Kirkman and Moore, tours of the town, the free comic giveway, tons of vendors, signings and photo ops with Moore and Kirkman, a haunted house, costume contest,  tons of vendors and more.

It was pretty much like a comic con strictly for Walking Dead fans or even just Halloween a few months early, which is perfect! My husband and I got there super early (or so we thought), it was pretty much a ghost town. It even looked like a zombie horde had walked through the night before.


The volunteers did a great job of making the town look post-apocalyptic. However, I think it was a bit cheesy naming the roads after places in the comic/show, and that also made it hard to get around using the map.

Remember when I told you we thought we got there early? We arrived about 8, ready to geIMG_5030t in line for the comic to be handed out at 10am. Since we didn’t see anyone when we first stepped foot in the event area, we assumed the line hadn’t began. We were wrong, there were already people lined up for about two miles. We did get the limited edition comic though! Sadly, we didn’t stay to get it signed because that line was even longer and we had somewhere to be that night.

All in all, it was a really cool event that could only get bigger if they continue doing it every year. My only big complaint was I think the signings should have either started earlier or should have been done by ticket, not first come first serve. It caused a ton of confusion on who was lined up for what.

I did end up coming home with a really cool shirt though!


Waverly Hills Sanatorium Historical Tour

My husband and I enjoy going on really weird trips where we can check out old abandoned places. This was not a ‘looney bin’ like most people believe, it was a Tuberculosis treatment hospital for most of it’s time. You can find more of it’s history here.

Though this one isn’t actually abandoned (the owners do live on the property), it is old and has a ton of history behind it. If you’re planning on visiting Louisville Kentucky anytime soon, I recommend you purchase tickets for this tour (they sell out fast, so purchase tickets in advance). Tickets are $25 a piece for a 2 hour tour, and it’s well worth it.

waverly 18

You arrive 15 minutes early where they check your name off the list and make sure you don’t have any extra guests, you drive up the hill and to the gravel parking lot. They’re traffic directors are fantastic by the way. You’ll then meet at this statue for the person who will take you to the main meeting area where the tour will start.

waverly 17

Once you’re in the start area, also used as the gift shop. You wait there to be slit into two groups. Group limit is 25 people I believe. They have various ghost hunters shows that have been there playing on the big screen while you wait for the tour to begin. Once everyone arrives and you’re in your group, let the show begin!

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from our tour.

waverly 1waverly 2waverly 3waverly 4waverly 513waverly 7waverly 8waverly 11waverly 12waverly 14waverly 15

Something I was excited about was hearing the truth behind Room 502. Let’s just say, most of what you hear is just urban legend. I don’t want to tell the whole story because I don’t want to spread any more ‘gossip’ on the room, just go see for yourself. What I will say is, the nurse did not hang herself in room 502, it was outside between that room and the elevator. She was pregnant though, that is true.

waverly 6

Hearing the truth behind the stories from our guide.

waverly 9

Our tour ended in the death tunnel, we walked halfway down. They’re debating on taking this out of the daytime tour and only leaving it for the night tour people.

waverly 16

One thing I hate is all the graffiti and damage people have done here. The owners are working their butts off on trying to get this place in better shape. It’s a beautiful piece of history. When you trespass and destroy property like this, it hurts more people than you think. Please don’t visit this place without reservations, and please please please don’t steal or destroy things here (or anywhere).

I’m begging my husband to write a horror novel on this beautiful sanatorium.

waverly selfie

Interested in visiting?! Here’s the website!