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The Potato Diet Intro + Day 1

Taking a little break from the book blogging to focus on my health. I’ve gained some weight, but have also lost some but now I’ve plateaued a bit so I’m going to try something new, my husband will be joining me on this new diet as well and I’m kind of excited because it includes my favorite food: potatoes.

Yes, the potato diet and no, potatoes are not bad for you. I’m not going to go into the nutritional facts because I’m not a dietitian, but from the research we’ve done, potatoes only get a bad rep because they’re usually fried or loaded up with bad things.


We got the idea to go on a potato diet from Kevin Smith, who recently had a heart attack and went on this diet and lost a decent bit of weight.



I get it, it sounds crazy eating only potatoes but it’s worth a shot! Worse case scenario, I gain weight and get sick of potatoes. So, I’m going to go on a potato only diet for 21 days, the rest of June (or at least until I leave for a book convention at the end of June, it’s tough to eat a special diet while at a con.) If this doesn’t work, I’m going to jump on the Keto diet.

So, here are the guidelines for our new diet:

  • You can only eat potatoes, they can’t be fried or slathered in bacon, butter, and/or sour cream.
  • You can have a protein shake after a workout in order to get more protein in.
  • Since we can’t have sour cream, butter or oil, we can add whatever spices we want.
  • No drinking your calories! Water is your bff.
  • I’m allowing myself 5-10 potatoes a day.


I’ll be journaling/blogging everyday and posting pictures. I’m going to share a before and after picture on the final post.

My day one starting health stats are the following:

Weight: 152.6

Waist (at my muffin top): 42.5 inches

Actual Waist: 37 inches

Arms/biceps not flexed: 12.5 inches

Chest: 41 inches


Day 1


Breakfast: Two small Idaho potatoes chopped and baked in the oven, tossed with garlic salt, Grill Mates and Big Axe Spice. About a table spoon of reduced ketchup over top of them.

On the baking sheet we have about four diced potatoes. This was for me and my husband and we made another sheet for tomorrow’s breakfast also.


About an hour after breakfast, I went to Pure Barre for their classic workout. I was very hungry when leaving barre, so I came home for another potato and then did a little lifting with my husband. He’s trying to help me on my upper strength with some barbell exercises. He kicked my butt!

Lunch: One smashed red potato with Tony’s seasoning. One scoop of chocolate Muscle Milk mixed with water.

I also had a snack that was not a potato because cravings started to kick in. I had a 80 calorie Danimals smoothie drink. Yes, it’s day 1, but I had been eating potatoes for two days prior to this in order to get my body prepared.

Dinner: Two small Idaho potatoes, no skin, with a table spoon of light sour cream on each. I had one around 3 to hold me over until later that night. I hate going to bed hungry.


Today’s potato count: 5