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Where I Went on my Summer Vacation… (Part 1: Germany)

Oh, wait. I don’t have summer vacations anymore! Well, I at least went on two wild adventures to new places and I thought I would do a fun little blog on my trips this year. I hope you enjoy! I’ll have a book blog up next week, I promise! I just really wanted to post about these trips.

My first trip led me to Germany, it was a spur of the moment trip (thanks to my wonderful in-laws), one of those living-in-the-moment times. I managed to get out of work for 11 days (unpaid, boooo) and hop on a plane to venture out of the US for the first time ever. My husband was over there for a week prior to this with some of his students and he had no clue that I was coming over. We discussed me ditching work though, and how much fun it would be for him to show me the country but never thought it would actually happen. My in-laws were already planning on going over and offered to bring me with them, so I packed my bags and joined them.

We flew out over night and I didn’t sleep at all on the plane (not even after I took a sleeping pill) because I was too excited. I’m also not a great flyer unless I have a window seat, and lucky me got stuck in the very center of the plane, so I couldn’t even get up to use the restroom because I didn’t want to wake up the people next to me.

When we landed in Frankfurt at 9AM their time, and it was already overwhelming. We had to go buy a train ticket (I actually saved some money by being under the age of 26) and then hop on the train to the town of Hannover where my husband was staying with some of the in-laws friends, at this point he still didn’t know I was coming. I sent him a few texts talking about how I really wanted to come over there and he was so bummed that I wasn’t.

I loved passing through all the small little towns while on the train. It was about a three hour ride and I still hadn’t slept because of all the adrenaline. I also had it in my head that I would never see those sights again, so I wanted to spend the least amount of time sleeping.


As our train pulled into the station, I thought I was going to get sick from excitement. You know how dogs work themselves up after missing their human for a long time and then proceed to vomit? Yeah, I’m the dog in that situation. I could see Stu waiting on the platform, but he couldn’t see me. My in-laws got off first, and then me, I’m pretty sure my husband still didn’t believe it was me when I got off the train. We hugged and he kept asking how I managed to get there, and so on.

Hannover was beautiful! The food was amazing too (this was one thing I was worried about because I’m a picky eater). I even found a beer that I liked, sadly, I never got the name of it. If I had to pick a city to live in over there, it would be Hannover. Though everyone having security shutters was a bit unsettling. While in Hannover, we went to a few cool places just outside the city. We visited a castle (not old, it was built for show) and went to the town of Hamel where one of the German fairy tales originated (boom, tying this post into my book blogging), and saw some really cool churches. This town tied for my favorite city we visited there.

hanover 3
Free Libraries all over Hannover.
hanover 2
Lutheran church where we attended a service.
hanover 4
Stu with his idol (Martin Luther)
One of my favorite churches we visited. Windows and roof were blown off in the war. The town didn’t fix it because they want to remember what happened in hopes that it never happens again.


After we left Hannover, we jumped on a train to Berlin. I had huge expectations for Berlin! I ended up not liking this town that much because it didn’t really feel safe, but I’m used to living in a country where most people have concealed carry and know how to protect. If you go to Berlin, two days is plenty if you don’t like cities. Go see the Brandenburg Gate (it will only take five minutes, not as cool as you think), go to the Wall and take a boat tour.


After a few days in Berlin, we headed to Erfert (I thought it was called the airport and didn’t know why we were going back to the airport). This was another one of my favorite cities and I wish we had explored here longer. We had a great view from our room, food was fantastic and the city was amazing. We took a Luther tour where the guide wore a monk outfit and told us Luther facts from the town and showed us key places in his life. We had a fantastic dinner at a outdoor cafe and almost saw Flogging Molly!

germany 1erfert fooderferterfert 1

We then went to visit Wittenberg where Martin Luther preached and lived. We managed to tour his house and see the main church. You can say we spent 90% of the trip checking out churches, but of course being Lutherans we had to spend a day or two in his town. This was something I was really excited about seeing. If you plan on going, be sure to check what time the main church is open to the public and be sure not to carry your suitcases with you. They’re currently redoing the train stop for next years anniversary so we had to drag out bags about a mile and rent a locker at the Luther House.

Katherine statue, Luther’s Wife
99 thesis
99 Thesis door (not the real door, just where it happened)


spahgetti ice
Spaghetti Ice! (Ice creme made to look like spaghetti.)

The final leg of our trip led to a smaller town where we met up with some more family friends. Here, we pretty much relaxed and hung out. We did tour the Rothenburg ob der Tauber which was a old walled city that had tons of shops and yes, more churches. I can’t even tell you the names of some of the other places we checked out. We just hopped in the car and visited a ton of places that looked cool, this was one of my favorite pictures from that portion of the trip. Below us, is our group and a small farmers market.

small town

If you ever get the chance to see another country, do it! Don’t let nerves or anything get in the way! I knew I would regret letting this opportunity pass me by and I’m so glad I went!

Next up: Alaska.

So you’re a bookworm and getting married…





Are you obsessed with books? Do you dream about marrying your favorite fictional character? Do you feel like books just understand you? Well, apparently we can’t marry our perfect fictional boyfriends, so we have to settle for the next best thing, another person who loves books as much as us.

I got pretty lucky, I met my husband online and our love for reading and writing brought us together. We both love writing (he’s published, I’m a procrastinator) and we both have a butt-load of books that we’ve been hoarding. So of course when it came time to say I do, we both wanted to incorporate our love for books into our wedding.

Though our theme was mostly Halloween (we got married that day last year), we managed to find little ways of including our love for books without ending up with two different themes.

Engagement Pictures 

Our engagement pictures were pretty fun, if you’re looking for poses to incorporate your books into, just go to Pinterst and search ‘book poses’ and you’ll pretty much be covered.

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from our engagement shoot that included books. The books we used were either my husbands German bible or (surprisingly) old German dictionaries.



Save the Dates

Our save the dates were very inexpensive, we went through the same company that does Stu’s bookmarks for his novels and had plenty left over because you have to buy them in bulk. We chose bookmarks because we thought it was a useful item that guests aren’t just going to toss once the wedding is over. Plus we love reading and we’ll never run out of bookmarks now, between his novel ones and the save the dates, we probably have over 5000 bookmarks in our house.


Wedding Invitations

Our wedding invites were pretty pricy but the store where we purchased them was very cute. To my surprise we weren’t pretty plain but very book-ish. We got a plain white card stock and put the wording on as if it were a book page. We had a quote on it from The Nightmare Before Christmas (most of our wedding music was from the soundtrack), the chapter heading, the actual invite and then the page number at the bottom. These ran us about $500, but I don’t regret them because they were so gorgeous. As a wedding gift, someone even had our wedding invitation turned into a picture frame, so cool!


Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

This is where my husband amazes me. He didn’t want to buy just any engagement ring at a jeweler. He wanted to make something one-of-a-kind, so him and his brother talked over a design and then went to the jeweler. The first jeweler he went to actually drew out the engagement ring but wanted to charge him an arm and a leg for it, so he took the design (jeweler who created it gave the okay) to another family-friend jeweler. He said he could definitely do it and he also designed our wedding bands. The engagement ring sits on my finger like an open book while our wedding bands are supposed to just look like book pages.




Wedding Flowers

I was so excited about incorporating books into our wedding. When I was browsing through Pinterst, I saw a wedding bouquet made out of book pages and I loved it! Sadly, I’m not that crafty and the idea of me ripping pages out of a book and then trying to make a bouquet was a bit depressing so I went to Etsy to search for one. I found a shop on there called Diddlebug and the owner was great to work with! I ordered five boutonnieres, two single flowers, two corsages, and one bridal bouquet. My price came to about $250 dollars which is cheap for wedding flowers (so I’ve been told), and they don’t die!! It was a cute little wedding memento for our bridal party/parents. Everyone complimented them. Once the wedding was over, I contacted Diddlebug again because she makes book page flower Christmas tree ornaments. So now every Christmas I can hang that up.

Charlene of Diddlebug can add personal touches on her items so they match your wedding theme perfectly. She really gets into making them for each and every bride. I would get a few emails during the process where she’d ask if she could add a feather or certain gears. Of course I agreed to all of her suggestions. For mine we added a pirate skull cameo from another Etsy shop, some gears, a clock face, and some feathers. She also added a skeleton key to my husbands boutonniere to make his unique. We also chose purple and black for our ribbon. Diddlebug has many books to choose from and she can also order books for an additional fee, we chose all fairy tale books.

Christmas Ornament
Photo courtousy of Diddlebug (left and right)






If you do go this route, and you want to ‘preserve’ your bouquet and also display it, I recommend getting a football helmet case from Michael’s Crafts. The bouquet is bigger that you think!  We have my bouquet in our bedroom.

Overall, I’m very happy with how we included our love of books into our wedding. These are just a few examples of how we included them in our Halloween wedding, but the ideas are endless. I totally recommend making a account on pintrest and getting ideas there. As our guestbook we ordered a Shutterfly photo book with our engagement pictures in it. If you sign up, they’ll send out offers for a free one every now and then! That’s how we got ours. My brother-in-law and his wife also had a cool book idea. They bought a book on each of their hometowns and had guests sign in those. I sort of wish we would have did that with maybe a horror themed book or something.