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September Wrap Up & October TBR

As you’ll notice in my blog by the lack of actual ‘book review’ posts during September and going into October, I’ve been going through a reading slump. I started three different books and only finished one.

I’d like to blame my book reading slump on the fact that my own novel release was taking up most of my time, but it wasn’t. I still had plenty of time to read, just couldn’t find the desire. Instead, I filled my time up with binge watching Bates Motel.


September and October also hold the busiest months for me (on weekends) because I have a ton of birthdays in the family and all the haunted houses and Ren Fests that I want to attend. I do most of my reading on weekends, so, you can see the issue.

So, guess how many books I finished in September….


Well, that’s a lie. I did read my own book because I was editing it before it was published. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I wrote some funny parts in my novel. It’s a cutesy summer YA read and if you like Jenny Han or Katie Cotugno, you might enjoy my novel. It comes out October 1st! I’ll probably have a page on my blog where you can order a signed copy from me, sooner or later.




October TBR


For October, I decided to try and get in on a Halloween Read-a-Thon that Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews is doing. I’m hoping this will take out my reading slump for the month of October. We shall see! Lauren is also doing a giveaway, so go check out her post!






So this is actually a erotica novel that I got for free and started in September but got distracted. It’s not creepy, but the cover does creep me out and the main male character isn’t human, I’m not sure what he is actually…

I guess I’ll find out…





I don’t normally read scary books, so there’s nothing on my TBR in that genre that I’ve been putting off, but I might as well finish up books that I’ve started and try to get them off my reading list. This one will be a decent treat… if you know what I mean… haha!




Of course I’m going to be watching scary movies this month! I also have a blog post coming up in October about my top favorite horror movies. I think I’m going to try and finish the original IT for this challenge, I only have about an hour left of it. We all know I’ll be watching the usual Tim Burton collection though!




Easily done, the only time I really have time to read is after dark. I always read between 8pm-11pm. 🙂



I guess you could say this book series is a bit paranormal…

Hoping to read all three, but we’ll see what happens.




Meh, I don’t really have one that I’m interested in at the moment.



Book two in the Nevermore series hopefully!






Let’s do this!



Fall/Halloween/Spooky Books You Should Read

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake

This duology is for those of you that are brave enough to sleep with the lights off after watching a scary movie. Don’t let the covers or YA genre fool you, this set is terrifying. One of my male friends even read it and said it scared him. Definitely check this one out if you’re looking for a creepy ghost story.




Grave Reminders Series by Rachael Rawlings

Let me just say, I plan on doing a lot of marathon reading at the moment, and this series is one of those. Rawlings is a local author for a Kentucky publishing company and I’m excited to read these three. I did read the first chapter of the first book, and embarrassingly enough, I had to stop because the ghostly figure in the graveyard freaked me out (I was home alone at the time!)

Support local authors!




Nevermore Series by Kelly Creagh

I haven’t finished this series yet, but during the months of September and October, I plan to marathon it. Kelly Creagh is (another) local author and her character, Varen, is every high school emo girls dream boy. I remember first reading Nevermore when I was in college and loving it. It has some ‘creepy’ vibes, but it’s not as terrifying as Anna Dressed in Blood was.



The Raven Cycle Series by Maggie Stiefvater

Everyone has probably heard of this series, and though it’s not ‘spooky’ it does have some paranormal happenings going on. I haven’t read the final book yet, but I do plan on finishing it soon! If you creep through my blog, you’re bound to find the reviews for the first three novels.