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Southern Belle is out NOW!

I’m a year overdue on publishing a book, but Southern Belle, the sequel to Southern Rebirth is available now on Amazon! I’m currently writing book three of the series for Camp NaNoWriMo. But for now, go check out book one and book two on Amazon!

Southern Belle cover


The Long-Awaited Sequel to Southern Rebirth:

Lee Ann Hart is having a lot of firsts this summer:

First boyfriend.

First heartbreak.

First taste of rebellion.

And her first big mistake.

Lee Ann wants adventure in the form of following her brother and his bandmates on tour. She’s hardly stepped out of her small Tennessee town, but this year she wants to change it all.

When her parents deny her the chance of a lifetime, her attitude begins spiraling out of control; she begins hanging out with a rough group, sneaks behind her parents’ backs, and faces something she least expected to happen. All Lee Ann wants is her happily ever after—she just has a few obstacles in her way.

Southern Rebirth Cover Reveal

Guys! Great news! I have a cover reveal for my new novel!





I’m so excited for this one! It will be the first in the series, I’m currently writing the second one, they will be focused on different characters in the novel.

The ebook is currently up for pre-order on Amazon here for 3.99 currently. Its release date is May 24th, just in time for Memorial weekend at the lake! I’m really excited about this and I hope you enjoy!

About Southern Rebirth:

A little fooling around in the backseat of a car has landed Lexi Fernbrook in a summer of solitude, exiled to a quiet house, a job on Norris Lake, and no contact with her friends.

Then Duncan comes along.

Lexi’s decided to ban dating as she gets her life back on track, but Duncan might just be the perfect guy to get her through the summer. When Duncan’s band, Southern Rebirth, hires her for some show photography, how could she resist?