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May Book Haul/June TBR


I have failed you again. I only have about 100 pages left of The Dream Thieves but I won’t have a review for it until next Thursday. I’m really torn, I want to take my time reading the Raven Cycle but I also want to be able to post a review for you every Thursday! Once I finish the second book, I’m going to take some time off reading the series to read something else. So I figured I’d go ahead and do my May Book Haul and let you know what I plan on reading in June.

May Book Haul

This month, I only bought two books because I already have too many I need to read. I’m not the type of person who enjoys having a huge collection of TBR’s. Again, I received two coupons from Barnes and Noble for 20% off, so I used them to buy the next two Walking Dead books.

June TBR

I feel like June is going to be a real big reading and writing month for me, my goal is to finish three books and start one at least one. So here we go:

Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love stories by Stephanie Perkins and more.

 I don’t want to read all of the short stories in this straight through, so I’ll probably break 25063781them up over two months. I’m pretty excited about this one since it’s all about Summer! I’ve heard some bad reviews on it, but it may just not be everyone’s cup of tea. I do plan on reviewing it all together though, but also separately in the same post.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

The third book in Maggie’s most recent series. My goal is to finish the series before 17378508summer is over. I’ll concentrate on Blue Lily in the month of June. I’ve been turned off and on by this series. I like it so far but I don’t feel it’s as good as everyone claims it to be. In the second book, there have been many chapters that I felt were unnecessary and didn’t drive the plot along. I’m hoping the series picks up the pace.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Now, I don’t plan on reading this whole book in June but I do plan on starting it. I’m outlanderhonestly scared to read this series though. I’m terrified that I won’t be able to finish it because it’s such a long novel and not YA but also because I’m afraid I won’t love it like I love the television show. I started it last night randomly and plan on reading it while I’m at the lake this weekend.

I also plan to read some of the Walking Dead that I’ve recently purchased and reading at least the first book in my husbands series (he’s been nagging at me to read it) but again, his omnibus is 600+ pages and I’m terrified of that. I love breezing through books, not having the same one on my night stand for three months straight.

For me, this is a hefty amount of reading. I’m lucky if I read two books! Wish me luck!


April Book Haul

Hello readers! So I did a bad thing this month. Actually, it’s been a bad thing for the whole year so far. I use to buy one book at a time but then I was introduced to the booktube world and the idea that you can have a TBR shelf. As in, an actual shelf of books that you bought and plan to read!!


Yeah, it’s taken me that long to realize that. So now I have two shelves of books to read but I still want to buy more books! Maybe I should make myself a goal to not buy any more books in May.

So, here we go. Here’s all the books I bought in April!


Screen shot 2016-04-24 at 1.39.18 PM

The books above are from my local library, they were having a used book sale so I only spent about $7 on books that would have cost me over $100. I was pretty proud. We’re doing some traveling this summer, so that’s what the travel books are for!





I’m a Barnes and Noble member so I occasionally get two 20% off coupons plus the percentage off of hardback books, so I usually spend those on my Walking Dead books. I’d already have all the books if they weren’t about $40 a piece, with my membership and coupons, it brings them down to about $18 each. These are the next two that I have to read, I’m hoping to catch up with the comic books this summer before the next season comes on! I hate how everyone has been spoiling it for me!



If you’ve been following my blog, you would have seen my Outlander book tag a week or so ago. I just finished the first season and it blew my mind! So I wanted to get deeper into the world of Jamie and Claire by buying the book. Then I saw it was 800 pages and now I’m a bit overwhelmed by it. Haha. I know I’ll get around to reading the books eventually.



Then here’s this random book I got. My husband and I have been watching a ton of My Cat From Hell and we saw that Jackson Galaxy put out a book about building cat toys, so Stu ordered this. Interesting book! I’ve already picked out a few projects for us.



And last but not least, I purchased When We Collided. I thought this would be a fun and easy read. Figured it could start off my summer reading next month! I’ve seen a few booktubers and bloggers talking about the release, so I thought I would give it a try. I also thought the cover was really cool.

Please follow me if you want to see reviews on these books! 



The Outlander Book Tag *swoon*


Outlander 2014

Hello readers! Welcome to the first ever book tag I’m doing on my blog! I recently started watching the Outlander series (it was free On Demand) and holy crap! I’m addicted!

cat addict

I know, I know. I should really stop watching and read the books first, but guess what. I did buy the first book and I plan on starting it in the next few months. My wonderful gal pal recommended it to me a year ago (and I’m just now taking her advice) and I wish I would have gotten into it sooner. I recently saw Abookutopia from YouTube do this tag and I thought, ‘I need to do this one now!’ Here we go!

  1. Jamie Fraser: Your badass fictional boyfriend

I’m going to go with Dimitri Belikov from The Vampire Academy series. He made me swoon so hard throughout college when I read those books. There’s something about a forbidden romance. Plus that accent!


2. Claire Fraser: Your independent fictional BFF

This would have to be Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim VS The World. Ramona is so badass and doesn’t need anyone’s help. She’s also pretty drama free (aside from Scott needing to defeat all her evil exes in order to win her heart). Love Ramona! Especially when she kicks butt against one of her own exes.


3. Black Jack Randall: Fictional character you loathe

Bridgette from Colleen Hoover’s ‘Maybe Not’ wins this one hands down. She’s one of my lease favorite characters that I’ve read in a book. She has zero redeeming characteristics and her character almost turned me away from reading any more from Hoover, even at the end of the book I hated her.


4. Dougal MacKenzie: A character you hate, but can’t help but love

Ty from Stolen by Lucy Christopher; I read this a few years back and I know I should hate his character because he is a kidnapper but Christopher had a way of making the reader feel bad for Ty. She managed to give him friendly qualities and by the end, I didn’t know who to feel bad for. Ty or Gemma.


5. Colum MacKenzie: Your favorite disabled character.

Well…. Rick Grimes loses his arm in The Walking Dead comics….


6. Geillis Duncan: Most shocking cliffhanger

This is tough, I don’t really pay attention to cliff hangers. I don’t know!!! But Geillis was a great cliff hanger!!


7. Frank Randall: An OTP that shouldn’t exist

I’m four books in on the Walking Dead comics and whatever weird thing went on between Dale and Andrea was just weird. Like really weird… Make it stop. And I’m not putting in a picture of Frank and Claire because I hate that pairing so much.

dale andrea

8. Sassenach: A book based outside of your country

Zac and Mia by A.J. Betts. It’s based in Australia and in my opinion it’s way better than TFIOS if we’re talking ‘cancer books’.


9. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ: Your favorite book insult

There’s this one scene in Scott Pilgrim where the ‘vegan’ is just trash talking and then he tries to create an insult but it just crashes and burns.

cleaning lady.gif

10. Craigh Na Dun: A fictional place you want to time jump to

I don’t know of a fictional place I’d really like to jump to. They all seem dangerous from what I’ve seen. The only one that strikes me as a fun place to be is Colby from the Sarah Dessen books. Her city that she created feels like a fun summer beach town with tons of cute guys.


11. Castle Leoch: Your favorite cast of characters

Let’s just say I’ll always be a Twihard…


12. Shinty: Who would be your ultimate team? Pick 12

  1. Eric Northman
  2. Jamie Fraser
  3. Katniss Everdeen
  4. Four (Divergent)
  5. Alice (Twilight)
  6. Gavril (Coldest Girl in Coldtown)
  7. Damon Salvatore
  8. Gideon (from The Goblin Wars)
  9. Gansey (Raven Boys)
  10. Adam (Raven Boys)
  11. Rue (Hunger Games)- Though she be little, she is fierce.
  12. Bella Cullen (once she’s changed).

Okay, sorry I chose so many guys…. what can I say? Tonight I just want to be covered in all the Jamie Fraser’s….


fraser cat