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I Met Maggie Stiefvater and Didn’t Fangirl

So this week, I went to my first ever YA author signing (yes, I’m 25 and just went to my first book signing). Maggie Stiefvater stopped in at Joseph Book-Sellers in Cincinnati on Monday as part of her book tour. I was so excited to go! My husband went with me and didn’t think he was going to enjoy it, but I caught him laughing at a few of Maggie’s jokes.

When we walked in, we were greeted by an employee who pointed us in the direction for me to pick up my book and I also picked up the third book in the series that I still needed. They gave me my pre-ordered book, my line ticket into the signing, her series dust jacket (they still have some at the bookstore) and a ley line sticker (I lost my sticker in the book store uhg).

Even though I showed up early (by an hour), it was packed with fans! I’m pretty sure a handful of them were cosplaying but I’m not too sure. When Maggie finally came out, she did about an hour long talk about how she got into writing and a Q&A. Maggie was hilarious! She discussed ‘ugly babies’, how awkward she feels about the Fan-Fic people write about her car and Gansey, the time she accidentally posted a picture of her favorite boob online and the time she didn’t actually set John Green on fire. Maggie had everyone laughing, she seemed like a very genuine person. My husband was cracking up most of the time too.

Maggie during the discussion


Fun fact, she was actually staying at a B&B close to where I live! So cool!

Once the discussion was over, she went upstairs to begin signing books. They lined us up by letter (I was letter group D), so this gave people time to browse the store and not stand in line for hours and hours. In my opinion, the line went pretty fast but there were people who started to complain around 9 o’clock about having to wait so long, that their kids needed to be in bed for school the next day. At one point, the host employee let people who had kids jump the line (which I didn’t think was right at all), the best thing would have been for the event to start at 5 or 6 instead of 7.

Finally, I made it upstairs and signed her car cover (I wrote ‘Maggie is bae, love breannareadsberks haha). It was slightly weird seeing other fans interact with her, they were kneeling in front of her, crying, etc. Authors/celebrities/ musicians, they’re all human, no need to panic. Keep calm.

As for books, she was personalizing any books you bought from the bookstore (I had two of those) and signing any books of hers that you purchased elsewhere (my other two). She also signed the dust jackets they gave out. I wasn’t planning on getting my paperbacks signed but I waited so long and figured I might never get the chance again, so she signed all of them. Still bummed I didn’t have my Shiver series with me.


Maggie was so cool! There were no ‘posed photos’ because they wanted the line to move quicker (bookstore closed at 9), so I didn’t get to get a picture with her, but this one turned out good! She asked me if I’ve read her books, I told her where I was in the series and that I loved Shiver. She asked if I cried during the books, and I said yes, even though it takes a lot for me to cry while reading. I asked her how she was enjoying the small town she was staying at for the day, she laughed and said it was cute. We made a decent bit of small talk, while she signed my books and I managed to play it cool.

Overall, I had a great experience and if you haven’t met Maggie, you need to! She’s still touring, try to make it out to see her. Here’s a list of the tour stops.


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