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Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life (Reaction, Spoilers Included)

Welcome back to Stars Hallow, my favorite fictional town! Did you guys enjoy your return visit? I was so excited that they brought back my favorite mother/daughter duo. Sadly, I felt really let down by the end of it.






I felt like the beginning of this episode was really awkward. We’re brought back into the lives of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, and things are a bit different. Rory is dating a guy named Paul that she just keeps forgetting about… actually… everyone keeps forgetting about. I loved seeing all the old characters have their random appearances but I would have loved to see more of them. We mostly saw Krik (but when we do, it’s hilarious). We also see how Mrs. Gilmore is dealing with her husband’s death, which might have been my only favorite part of this. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t too fond of Rory in this revival, but I hated Emily (Mrs. Gilmore) in the original series.

Paris Geller though, loved her introduction back into the show! She was hilarious. Working in a fertility clinic/finding surrogate mothers, and Luke just not understanding that he doesn’t have to have sex with the surrogate to have a baby with Lorelai. I just don’t get that Luke and Lorelai want a baby, or Lorelai mostly. I feel like that was very forced.

The only Rory love interest we’re shown is Logan so far, which, I was hoping she would be with Jess.

2/5 Stars.




Lorelai and Emily are going to therapy, but I feel like Rory is the one who needs to be in therapy if I’m being honest. Rory is screwed like most college grads, not being able to find her dream job so she’s been living house to house out of boxes.

Rory has been visiting London to see Logan (with what money, Rory?) I’m not surprised by the fact that Rory is ‘the other woman’ again in the revival, with Logan this time. I felt like she was just playing with Logan’s heart, she could have told him she was ready to get married and he would have dropped everything for him. Uhg! Stop being a bad person Rory!

Oh, Paul Anka!! 🙂

I love the change in Emily now (which is sad since it’s due to her husband’s death).

The Rachel Ray cameo was my favorite, I might be the only one who thinks that. I thought it was hilarious when Lorelai catches her in the kitchen! But where’s our favorite chef?!

Let’s talk about Paris and Rory going back to visit their high school. That scene was awesome but it felt very dragged out.

3/5 Stars





In this episode, we welcome April and Jess back. Yay, Jess! April, meh. I kinda think it was random to bring her back. Luke doesn’t even talk about her until she makes an appearance. As for Jess, gosh, has to grown into such a great person from the bad boy we remember. He suggests that Rory write a book about her and her mom and I think he actually brought her our of her rut. We needed more Jess!

The Stars Hallow Gazette is also closing, but Rory steps in and decides she wants to keep it going. This was my favorite thing that happened in all four episodes. I thought it was the best decision Rory made. She wanted to be a journalist, and here she is. Though, I really wanted her to fire the two employees that weren’t actually working. Her and Jess could have banned together to make a great paper.

Emily starts (sort of) dating a new man, but that whole ordeal really weirded me out.

Rory keeps ‘butt dialing’ Logan for most of this episode, and the entire time I’m just shaking my head. Really Rory? Just delete his number. Be done with him. Stop being a home wrecker. Stop it.

Lorelai also makes the decision to go on this super long hike in order to figure things out, which I fully support but the way she goes about it really bothered me. She needed to talk to Luke about what was going on in her head.

4/5 Stars



By far, my favorite of the four revival episodes.

Lorelai goes on her ‘Wild’ adventure hike, but she doesn’t actually go on it but it’s all about the journey right? She goes through all this trouble of packing her backpack and being delayed but in the end, she loses her permit and never gains access to the trail. She finally calls her mom and tells her her favorite memory of her and her father when she was in high school. I’d like to say she finds exactly what she was looking for out of that trip and she didn’t even need to go on the hike.

My favorite part was when Rory’s friends from college show up in her hometown late at night and take her on this wild adventure. Logan also shows up, I wasn’t too thrilled about that though. I wish it had just been his friends. The night she spent with them had me in tears. Especially, when Rory finally ends things with Logan.


Luke and Lorelai finally set their wedding date… finally. And as they’re planning the big day, they end up not even doing it the day off. They sneak off in the middle of the night, a small group and get married. That scene was so beautiful to me. It was perfect. I’m so thankful Lorelai didn’t let Emily talk her into an extravagant wedding at a country club.

My favorite scene with Emily in the entire series happens. When she tells the ladies in the DAR off and goes onto start her new life in Nantucket. She gets a job at the whaling museum and decides to expand the Dragonfly.

Rory goes on to see her father and asks him all these questions about why he wasn’t around when she was growing up and if he thought it was a good idea for her mother to raise her on her own. That scene made zero sense to me at all… until the four last words.

Rory also runs into Dean at the store and asks if she can write about him in her book and that he was the best boyfriend ever. I thought for sure that she was going to cry on his shoulder. I loved seeing his small cameo though, learning where he is in life.

Lorelai gives Rory permission to write the book and to call it Gilmore Girls, drop ‘the’. Perfect.

And the four last words, ‘Mom.’ ‘Yeah?’ ‘I’m pregnant.’

Not cool! Not cool!

Give us more!

5/5 Stars


They gave us a great conclusion with Lorelai but zero conclusion on Rory. I guess we just assume that it’s Logan’s baby and Rory becomes her mother, raising the baby on her own. That or it’s the Wookie’s…