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I Fell 2.5 Miles from the Sky (My Skydiving Experience)

I’m a firm believer of going out and enjoying life. I’m trying to make memories instead of collecting a ton of meaningless items since I can’t take any of that stuff with me. Honestly, I wish I lived in a tiny RV so I could see the world. I’d trade 90% of my possessions if that would be my life. Alas though, I work a 8-4 job, my husband is in law school and teaches, we have 3 cats and a dog and just purchased out house. There will be no nomadic life for us anytime soon. So, on the weekends, we try our best to get out, be active and go on crazy adventures.

On August 20th, we did one of the craziest things either of us have done. We went skydiving. Click here if you want to check out my video. It’s super awkward because I had no idea what to say during my ‘interview’ portions and on the plane I couldn’t really hear the photographer/videographer. Here’s my husband’s video as well… another angle of my jump.

Fun Fact: We went skydiving at the same place Roman Atwood went!

Now, let me tell you, I’ve zip-lined, jumped off a huge rock, jumped off a bridge, rode one of those slingshot rides at the amusement park and I’ve been on plenty of roller coasters. Skydiving has always been on my imaginary bucket list. The idea first came to my mind when I was in college, but I was too broke to afford it and didn’t have anyone who wanted to join me. Then three years ago, one of my coworkers said he went, ever since I’ve been wanting to jump but haven’t had time. Finally, we scheduled it this year since we didn’t have any big vacations planned.

I wasn’t nervous until I pulled into the parking lot of the small airport, even then, it still wasn’t major nerves. I was more nervous when I jump off the bridge at the lake. We got our suits on and our harnesses, met our tandem instructor and waited until it was our turn to fly.


Once we loaded the plane and started taking off, I was a little more nervous. In the air, I honestly didn’t know what to say when the camera was turned on me. I was literally speechless. I’ve never been in a plane so small… with the door opened.


It was cold once we reached our jump zone. I was the first person up (going tandem anyway) and I wasn’t as scared when I looked down at the ground. I didn’t even have time to be scared at that point because suddenly, we were falling.

I screamed.

Or so my husband said. He jumped after me and said everyone in the plane heard me shriek. I honestly don’t remember that part.


I made sure to smile the entire time, since I was being recorded. That’s the only thing I remember being instructed to do. Everything was forgotten when I was falling through the air.


Here’s the thing… I literally had no care in the world when I was skydiving. I wasn’t worried about the work week ahead, bills, the horrible people of the world or even the possibility of something going horribly wrong as we came closer to the ground. When the shoot was pulled and we were slowly floating down, the beauty of the view was amazing. Even if I wanted to stop smiling, I couldn’t. Seeing my husband across the way from me, landing on the ground, it was all so cool.


My husbands instructor had a good point. When they landed and he asked Stu how it was, he told him it was insane. But the instructor said, ‘No, being on the¬†ground is insane, being in the sky is peaceful.’ Or something poetic and inspiring like that.¬†Sometimes it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone. There is a difference in being alive and living.

Live your best life. Make those memories.


Also, reading Everything, Everything the same weekend I went skydiving kind of had me in a YOLO spirit if I’m being honest. Way to relate it back to books, Breanna! Go me!

Will I do it again? Yes. Though the pain from my ears popping was horrible! That was my only complaint.