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Waverly Hills Sanatorium Historical Tour

My husband and I enjoy going on really weird trips where we can check out old abandoned places. This was not a ‘looney bin’ like most people believe, it was a Tuberculosis treatment hospital for most of it’s time. You can find more of it’s history here.

Though this one isn’t actually abandoned (the owners do live on the property), it is old and has a ton of history behind it. If you’re planning on visiting Louisville Kentucky anytime soon, I recommend you purchase tickets for this tour (they sell out fast, so purchase tickets in advance). Tickets are $25 a piece for a 2 hour tour, and it’s well worth it.

waverly 18

You arrive 15 minutes early where they check your name off the list and make sure you don’t have any extra guests, you drive up the hill and to the gravel parking lot. They’re traffic directors are fantastic by the way. You’ll then meet at this statue for the person who will take you to the main meeting area where the tour will start.

waverly 17

Once you’re in the start area, also used as the gift shop. You wait there to be slit into two groups. Group limit is 25 people I believe. They have various ghost hunters shows that have been there playing on the big screen while you wait for the tour to begin. Once everyone arrives and you’re in your group, let the show begin!

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from our tour.

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Something I was excited about was hearing the truth behind Room 502. Let’s just say, most of what you hear is just urban legend. I don’t want to tell the whole story because I don’t want to spread any more ‘gossip’ on the room, just go see for yourself. What I will say is, the nurse did not hang herself in room 502, it was outside between that room and the elevator. She was pregnant though, that is true.

waverly 6

Hearing the truth behind the stories from our guide.

waverly 9

Our tour ended in the death tunnel, we walked halfway down. They’re debating on taking this out of the daytime tour and only leaving it for the night tour people.

waverly 16

One thing I hate is all the graffiti and damage people have done here. The owners are working their butts off on trying to get this place in better shape. It’s a beautiful piece of history. When you trespass and destroy property like this, it hurts more people than you think. Please don’t visit this place without reservations, and please please please don’t steal or destroy things here (or anywhere).

I’m begging my husband to write a horror novel on this beautiful sanatorium.

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Interested in visiting?! Here’s the website!