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Book Blogging V.S. Booktubing


So I’m a few¬†weeks into my book blogging and I’m loving it! It’s very therapeutic to discuss my likes and dislikes in writing and reading. I’m really enjoying what I’ve been able to post so far. I’m still getting used to how to use this site and how to follow people or find people to follow.

I’m also surprised by how easy it has been for me to come up with things to blog about in the book world! I currently have about ten topics I want to post about, but I’m trying to only do three posts a week.

I’ve even got a schedule going! Tuesdays are my Book Tag Tuesdays, Thursdays are usually reviews, and weekends are when I post the more in depth discussions. If you have any topic ideas, let me know!

I did video reviews on YouTube for about a year and I enjoyed it but it started to get to the point that I was putting too much thought into it (or maybe not enough). I would have to record a video once a week and I only like recording when I’m home alone, in the beginning that was fine because I worked nights and my husband worked days but now we’re on the same schedule so I would have to shoo him out of the house to feel comfortable recording. I also hated editing and you can tell in my videos. I wanted to post more videos but I also didn’t have many video ideas.

That’s when the idea of book blogging came up and I just went with it! I still have all my videos up on my YouTube channel and I plan on keeping them there, but I probably won’t be doing anymore book related videos.

So how am I feeling about blogging versus booktubing? Ah, I have created a list of what I like an dislike about both. Spoiler alert, I love book blogging more!




  • You can eventually make money off of it (if you’re the handful of booktubers that have a huge following).
  • I had a handful of subscribers (24) which got me a handful of views.
  • It gave me a reason to read at least two books a month.


  • I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I wanted to.
  • I read more while booktubeing but it made me feel bad that I wasn’t reading two or more books a week to review.
  • Didn’t have time to read, record, edit and post.
  • Ran out of ideas, causing my videos to lack in entertainment.
  • I was VERY shy, even just by myself in front of the camera.


Book Blogging


  • So many topics to discuss.
  • Haven’t ran into any trolls.
  • I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing or if my hair looks good. No one sees me while I blog!
  • I have more time to figure out how I want to come across or what I want to say.
  • I’ve gotten more followers in one month than the entire time I did booktube.
  • I feel like it’s easier to discuss books on here, versus on booktube (again, trolls are mean on there).


  • I can write so many posts, but for some reason, I don’t like reading them. Listening to book related videos interests me more.
  • WordPress is kind of confusing to me.


Any ideas on what you would like me to discuss for next weekend?! I’d love to hear your ideas!