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Growing Up in the Apocalypse (Extinction Movie Review)

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge fan of all things zombies. Rob Zombie, The Walking Dead, Plants vs Zombies, just to names a few. On the 4th, my husband and I had our first ‘Wifey Wednesday’ where we turn our computers and phones off and just hang out with each other, so we decided to watch Extinction (2015). If I were to compare this 8305movie, I’d say it’s like I am Legend meets 28 Days Later. The infected are super fast and intelligent.

Extinction is about two men that have to raise a baby in the post-apocalyptic world of Harmony. The first scene takes place during the beginning of the virus and then we fast forward nine years into a snowmaggedon town.

Here’s what I found wrong with the movie and the only thing that took away from it. The little girl, Lu, has been conformed to gender roles even though she hasn’t grown up with anyone but these two men. At one point she comments, “I’m too old to play with dolls.” How would you know, Lu? You’re nine and you’ve only ever watched cartoon reruns, you’ve never been to school. She also comments on a doll her dad brings her saying, “This is the one I wanted.” How does she know that’s the one she wanted? She’s never been to school, she hasn’t seen any commercials for toys, she’s never even left the compound they live in.

Gender roles are learned behaviors. Lu would be the most well behaved, non-gendered child to ever exist if she was born in a time that didn’t include humans. I didn’t understand why her father even bothered to teach her, considering she will never need that type of knowledge. He should have spent time teaching her how to ration food, hunt, shoot, make weapons, start fires. Sure, teach her how to read and write for when she’s bored, but I don’t think she needs to know the population of China (though the joke during the dinner scene was hilarious).

Then there’s her father constantly saying she needs to brush her teeth before bed, why? He keeps saying she needs discipline, that if she doesn’t brush her teeth, she’s acting out. She doesn’t even know what acting out is, she’s never seen anyone throw a tantrum or misbehave. Acting out is a learned behavior.

I’d give this movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It could have been so amazing! But there were small parts that the script writers just overlooked, and that really killed the movie for me. What I will say about the ending is, it gets dark.



Did Patrick need to die? No. Jack should have sacrificed himself after almost shooting Lu. Plus Patrick could have survived had he just lured the ‘undead’ to the gas with noise and then blown them up. I was literally screaming at the TV the entire time that went down.

Walking Dead Day 8.6.16

Cynthiana, KY–

In the quiet, small town of Cynthiana, populated by less than 7000 people, you wouldn’t imagine much coming out of this little Kentucky town. On August 6th though, something changed. Over 10,000 people took to the small town, closing down streets, waiting in long lines, and lingering around. But why? Walking Dead Day of course!

I live a decent bit close to where Tony Moore and Robert Kirkman (creators of Walking Dead) grew up and where the comics actually begin before Rick heads to Atlanta. I’m actually from another small town that is shortly mentioned on page one of the very first 13902610_1066931810010076_4902721888302963701_nWalking Dead comic. Walking Dead day was a one day, free event and it had such a good response that they printed out 10,000 special Cynthiana editions of the first comic to give out for free. The event included a sign presentation for Kirkman and Moore, tours of the town, the free comic giveway, tons of vendors, signings and photo ops with Moore and Kirkman, a haunted house, costume contest,  tons of vendors and more.

It was pretty much like a comic con strictly for Walking Dead fans or even just Halloween a few months early, which is perfect! My husband and I got there super early (or so we thought), it was pretty much a ghost town. It even looked like a zombie horde had walked through the night before.


The volunteers did a great job of making the town look post-apocalyptic. However, I think it was a bit cheesy naming the roads after places in the comic/show, and that also made it hard to get around using the map.

Remember when I told you we thought we got there early? We arrived about 8, ready to geIMG_5030t in line for the comic to be handed out at 10am. Since we didn’t see anyone when we first stepped foot in the event area, we assumed the line hadn’t began. We were wrong, there were already people lined up for about two miles. We did get the limited edition comic though! Sadly, we didn’t stay to get it signed because that line was even longer and we had somewhere to be that night.

All in all, it was a really cool event that could only get bigger if they continue doing it every year. My only big complaint was I think the signings should have either started earlier or should have been done by ticket, not first come first serve. It caused a ton of confusion on who was lined up for what.

I did end up coming home with a really cool shirt though!


The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Book tag Tuesday, at it again! I haven’t been tagged but I love doing tag posts because some of them are creative and I have to think real hard on my answers. This weeks tag focuses on one of my favorite things: zombies!

Original: https://www.youtube.com/user/nathanhale96?feature=watch

What to do: I have 5 books picked at random. Each book will answer two questions. The first name I see when I flip through the book without looking will be in that team.
The five books that I picked:

zombie tag

 Okay, so I totally forgot that I wanted to ‘cheat’ and use one of my Walking Dead comics, but hey. You wanted random. I pretty much pulled one book off of every shelf on my bookshelf at random. Three out of five would give me some decent zombie team members, I’d say.

Your Zombie Team

  1. The first person to die: Augustus. Well isn’t that something? Though Gus was actually my favorite character from this book, I’m sad to see him go. gus
  2. The person you trip to get away from the zombies: Hazel. Pretty sure I wouldn’t even need to trip her because of her oxygen tank would hold her back and eventually she’d run out of oxygen… I’m a horrible person.  hazel
  3. The first person to turn into a zombie: Dimitri. No! He was our chance at survival! Dimitri-Belikov-image-dimitri-belikov-36366236-1024-536.png
  4. The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies: Lissa. I can’t really see that. I feel like I should be more afraid of her than the zombies. vampire-academy-christian-lissa-pictures
  5. The idiot of the team: Will. Yeah, that makes sense. Haha.0ddb42aac3b1c0fc7c49bbf1b2638cbe
  6. The “brains” of the team: Carmel. No. No. No. Not as the ‘brains’.6926163.gif
  7. The team’s medic: Eli. I can’t remember much about the characters from Along for the Ride, but the main thing about Eli is he’s an insomniac. I guess that could come in handy as a medic, since he can stay up and take care of people for longer amounts of time.
  8. The weapons expert: Maggie. I don’t even remember who Maggie is! But I’m pretty sure we’re screwed if she’s the weapon expert.
  9. The brawler: Bill. At least he can probably fight better than the others. Billcompton
  10. The Team Captain: Jason. He should have been the team idiot. Haha.  tumblr_m04zh8XiFt1r8on03.gif
I’d say our chance of survival is very slim, especially if we lose Dimitri.

P.S. I Love Negan (TWD Season Finale Response)

So if you’re like me, you’re probably very upset with the creators of Walking Dead with that wonderful cliffhanger they gave us Sunday night. Come on guys, we all knew that they would have a huge cliff hanger, that’s what keeps you on your toes while on summer break from our favorite show. You know what I’m more ticked off about? That they labeled it a 90 minute season finale and I could swear that it was more of a 45 minute commercial. That and the fact that nothing actually happened, we met Negan… that’s all. Road block after commercial after road block after commercial– you get the point.

Negan. Are they giving us someone hotter to replace our love of Daryl? Am I the only one who found Negan attractive and charismatic?


I think this is because I know him from the chick flick, PS I Love You and Grey’s Anatomy. Walking Dead, come on, if I’m supposed to hate someone you need to step up your game.

Here’s my thought: To an outside group, Rick probably seems just as threatening and barbaric as the Saviors/Negan. Rick has turned into this ‘take no prisoners’ personality and the only other character who seems to notice and have a problem with it is Morgan the Saint. Though, if they get the chance, they do need to slaughter Negan and his gang. So I’m pretty much saying the Walking Dead world is lost of all innocence, only evil exists now, it’s kill or be killed. Rick’s group is pretty much as aggressive as everyone else, we just take their side because we’ve known them longer.

Now to the spoiler that everyone has been discussing. Who did Negan murder with that badass baseball bat they day before Opening Day (Go Reds!)? I am not caught up on the comics due to how pricy they are. I’m getting ready to start book five.


Everyone is saying that Glenn is the one to die. We know they won’t show us when the next season starts until the very last scene, they want us to ‘feel’ the death linger. Remember when the producers thought it was cute to take the actors name off of the opening credits and they stuffed Glenn under that dumpster for three-ish episodes. That was cute… not. I don’t think it’s Glenn, even though he dies in the comics, so much has changed from the comics. I also don’t think it’s Maggie, I’m pretty sure that was her screaming when we hear the baseball bat smashing some fresh brains.

Here’s my top three potential victims:

  1. Michonne- I love her, but they’ve been doing a lot lately to make us like her. Pairing her up with Rick (we know all his love interests die), making her into a mom/friend for Carl, and seeing the back story of her life before the outbreak.
  2. Abraham- I would say Sasha or Rosita but their deaths wouldn’t effect too many people. Rosita isn’t a defined character in my opinion and Sasha hasn’t been too involved in recent episodes. Abraham though… he’s one of the strongest fighters Alexandria has right now. I’ll be honest, I’d be slightly upset if he dies.
  3. Glenn- maybe it is him! Maybe the producers know that we think that’s the obvious choice but think that they won’t kill him off because of that. It could happen!

For now though, I can’t wait for October (my favorite month). I’m excited to see what happens but there’s no way this death will be as memorable as Beth’s last season. That scene still lingers in my head.

Here’s something drool worthy to stare at until next time….