Potato Diet Day 2

Day 2

So, it’s Monday… and after waking up I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of only eating potatoes today, especially after having so many temptations come up yesterday after dinner. I’m addicted to sweets. I was binge-watching The Good Place with my husband and the characters are constantly eating froyo. I wanted anything but potatoes this morning. I also had to remove my Facebook app from my phone because of all those random dessert ads you occasionally get. I’ve gotten so desperate to get rid of the ads that I’ve been yelling ‘potato’ into my phone so ‘big brother’ will take the hint that I’m on a diet (you know your phone is always listening.)


There is a good thing about eating only potatoes, I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat, because I can only eat potatoes. The only decision I have to make is if I want them mashed, baked, ect.


So here’s how day 2 went…


After yesterday’s double workout of barre and some weightlifting, I decided to take it easy and not workout today. My bum was killing me from barre!

I’ve come to realize that this is going to be more of a mind over matter type of diet. I keep letting my head get the best of me, thinking about tomorrow’s meals and the next day instead of just eating every potato as it comes at me.


Breakfast: Two servings of the breakfast potatoes that we pre-made on day one. I ended up eating half of them before work and had the rest as a mid-morning snack with a little bit of the reduced sugar ketchup.


Lunch: Two medium sized red potatoes with two tablespoons of butter. I added the butter because I went a little too crazy with the spices.

I also was still hungry while at work, so I had a Fiber One brownie which was 90 calories.



Dinner: Two average sized red potatoes and one small red potato mashed. Had another Danimals smoothie that’s 80 calories because I don’t want them going bad before this diet is over.


Daily Potato Count: 6.5

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