Potato Diet Day 3

Day 3

I’ve noticed I have a few more followers of the blog since I started the potato diet, so I’d like to say welcome to you guys today! I hope you follow along on this journey with me. Last night I was feeling like giving up on this task, but ya’ll are making me feel more accountable for my meals (which is a good thing). Last night I was VERY hungry and ended up eating a Chewy bar, but I don’t feel bad about that, my body needed something and it was better than the donuts I was craving.


I have noticed a headache coming along, I think that’s more so from stress. I’ve been slightly irritable but, also, probably stress caused. Last night our refrigerator and freezer broke down, causing everything to thaw out and melt onto the kitchen floor. But here’s the bright side, potatoes don’t need to be refrigerated! Though, I’m kind of skeptical of today’s meal prep. We’ll see…

I also couldn’t help myself and weighed in today. I’ve already lost 1.8 pounds! Woo! This finally gets me out of the weight-loss rut I’ve been in for over a month. That feels great!

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos from a women who has done the potato diet a few times, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, check her out! She has some good videos on how to cook them too!



Breakfast: One average sized potato chopped in chunks and seasoned by my husband with about five tablespoons of reduced sugar ketchup.



Lunch: Today’s lunch was more of a snack that I munched on all day. I baked two potatoes and made them into wedges with garlic salt only. I also used my trusty reduced sugar ketchup.

Add a 70 calorie snack bag of Pirate’s Booty popcorn as a snack.



Dinner: Dinner was one red potato mashed along with a Chewy granola bar because I had to run an errand right after work.



Daily potato count: 4


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